Item: 3005030112 Big Sky Carvers

Twin Trophies Elk Sculpture

The stunning wildlife sculptures in our Marc Pierce Signature Collection are inspired by founder Marc Pierce's own life experiences in the Great Outdoors.
Materials:  Hand-cast
Artist: Marc Pierce
Measurements: 12" Width x 11.5" Height
Each original sculpture is painstakingly handcrafted by its creator in clay or wax, at which time the mold makers take over and create a master casting from a mold. During this process, the original clay or wax sculpture is damaged and lost to the mold-making process. The master mold and subsequent castings are then made to complete the edition. The master is then destroyed and the edition is closed.

By using a special process we are able to capture the life and realism of the subject. Each piece is composed of proprietary blends of fine resins with the addition of pure pewter in some designs.

When removed from the molds, the result is a stunning and exact duplicate of the original. The beautiful finish is the result of hand-applied patinas and carefully matched to define all of the subtle detail of the artwork.