"Battle Lines" Deer Sculpture
Battle Lines Deer Sculpture
Price: $139.00

Big Sky Carvers Deer

The stunning sculptures in the Marc Pierce Signature Collection are meticulously handcrafted by Big Sky Carvers artists based on founder Marc Pierce's own life experiences. Observing nature's creatures in their daily habitat is always a treat for Marc: "I have been witness to several good buck fights over the years and it is always a thrill."
16.75" Width x 6.75" Height
Item: B5030052 Big Sky Carvers WH
Price Includes Shipping
Sleeping Deer Garden Statue
Sleeping Deer Garden Statue
Price: $84.50

Deer Garden Statue

Presented by Joseph Studio Snowfall Valley
So very precious!
Resin/Stone Mixture
9 3/4" Height x 16 3/4" Length x 10 1/2" Depth
Item: 37069 Romans WH
Price Includes Shipping
"Timber Ghost" Mulies Deer
Timber Ghost Mulies Deer Sculpture
Price: $134.50

Big Sky Carvers Mulie Deer

More than just a hunting enthusiast, Marc is forever a student of nature's creatures: "Having hunted Mulies for nearly 30 years, I have long been fascinated by how they can virtually disappear during a winter storm."
Materials: Hand-cast resin
10.5" Width x 6.5" Height
Artist: Marc Pierce
Item: B5030055 Big Sky Carvers
Price Includes Shipping
"One Chance" Deer Sculpture
 Deer Sculpture
Price: $124.50

"One Chance" Deer Sculpture

Observing nature's creatures in their daily habitat is always a treat for Marc: "When we look at hunting in America, the Whitetail Deer is at the center of everything!"
Materials: Hand-cast resin
8" Width x 11.75" Height
Item: B5030054 Big Sky Carvers
Price Includes Shipping
Living Large Whitetails Lamp
Living Large Whitetails Copper Lamp
Price: $285.50

Big Sky Carvers Copper Lamp

These handsome and functional decorative lamps are crafted to enjoy the meticulously handcrafted sculptures in another form. The genuine copper lamp shades direct light onto each sculpture, adding a warm glow to any room.
Materials: Genuine Copper shade, Hand-cast
Measurements: 18.5" Width x 23" Height
Lamp uses a 23W CFL bulb, included.
Item: 3005030110 Big Sky Carvers
Price Includes Shipping
Deer Bust Wall Decor
Price: $75.00

Deer Wall Bust

This mounted deer bust features an ivory plaque and a lifelike deer with intricate details.
Materials: Polyresin
Measurements: 15.8" Length x 10" width x 22" Height
Item: 10016223
Price Includes Shipping
Solar Rudolph Statuary
Solar Rudolph Statuary
Price: $119.00

Solar Rudolph Statuary

Roman Lights
Materials: Resin
8" Height x 15.12" Width x 10.12" Depth
Item: 38207 Romans
Price Includes Shipping
Mother Deer & Fawn
Mother Deef and Fawn
Price: $59.50

Laying Deer Fig Mother Fawn

Starry Night Collection
Materials: Resin
8.25" Height x 11" Width x 7.75" Length
Item: 31543 Romans
Price Includes Shipping
Rustic Forest Fireplace Screen
Rustic Forest Fireplace Screen
Price: $79.00

Rustic Forest Fireplace Screen

Magnificent metalwork fire screen features cutout silhouettes of deer and mountains; absolutely magical when backlit by firelight! Weathered bronze finish gives this the instant appeal of a well-loved antique. Three-part folding design with mesh screen.
Material: Iron, sheet metal and mesh metal.
54" Width x 1/2" x 32.5" high.
Item: 10012295
Price Includes Shipping
Woodland Fireplace Screen
Woodland Wonder Fireplace Screen
Price: $79.00

Fireplace Screen

A wonderful woodland scene is yours to enjoy every day when you place this gorgeous iron screen in front of your fireplace. Detailed pine cones surround the outer trim, while the interior panels feature silhouettes of evergreens and forest creatures.
Iron, sheet metal and mesh metal.
38" x 4.5" x 31.2"Height
Item: 10016006 SLC
Price Includes Shipping