Wolves - Long the symbol of all that is wild and free. Allow yourself to be swept away by the forces of nature. The haunting cry of the wolf, once heard, is never forgotten. Enjoy these tributes to the wolves and their brethren, give them a place in your collection.

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Bear Sculptures, Figurines, Wall Decor
Bear Sculptures

Big Sky Carvers Grand Bears,
Black Bear Solar Statue, Black Bear Outhouse Toilet Paper Holder, Black Bear Paw Towel Ring, Bathroom Accessory, Black Bear Trio Hooks, Black Bear Toilet Paper Holder, Bear Wine Holder
Wolf Sculptures, Table, figurines
Wolf Sculptures

Wolf Glass Top Table
"Broken Silence" "The Alpha"
Big Sky Carvers Sculptures
Wolf Wall Art, Wolf Shadow Box
Wolf Snack Plate, Wolf Mug,
Spirit of the Wolf Bust
Big Sky Carvers Sculptures
Moose Sculptures

Big Sky Carvers Sculptures
"Noble Beast Sculpture"
Moose Marsh King Statue
"Mickey's Guest Figurine - Moose,
Ceramic Hanging Moose
Moose Mates Figurine
Standing Moose Figurine
Silver Moose Post Earrings
Moose Pendant